My thoughts on the Reiki principles

These are the basic principles of Reiki. Notice they are written as “just for today” which is in order to remove pressure from trying to immediately live a better life and allowing for our human nature to lapse at times. Just live in the NOW, one day at a time. 

Just for today, do not worry. Worry is based on something that has not yet happened. It may or may not. Why do we waste our today, our present fretting about something that likely will not occur? If it does, we are exhausted living in that future stressful moment for all that time. If it doesn’t occur, which is more likely, then we have wasted all those nows that passed us by worrying about the future. Manifest peace, do not worry. 

Just for today, do not be angry. Anger is a low vibration emotion which usually is born of fear; fear of being wrong, of being out of control, of having been wronged in some way. Just for today, do not be angry. Instead, just let it go….

Honor your parents, teachers and elders – those who gave you life, gave you lessons and showed you the way. Even situations which were not perfect or less than we desire are gifts. Lessons in how not to act, feel, think or treat another is still a lesson that betters us. Gifts of unconditional love, generosity and support are to be treasured. 

Earn your living honestly. Do I share my gifts with the world or do I hide them and hoard my knowledge to myself? Do I steal precious moments from my life by squandering it on things that do not matter or enrich my life? Do I commit small acts of dishonesty by taking a pen or stealing time from my employer? All these little acts add up to high or low vibration in my field. Earn your living honestly

Show gratitude to every living thing. We are all energy; all life has value. Gratitude for our fellow human beings, our animals and plants. Gratitude for Mother Earth who hosts all life in the bounty of her presence. The more we find in life to be grateful for, the more things to be grateful for will appear in our lives. Show gratitude for every living thing. 

This is the essence of Reiki. Reiki is love. Mastery of Reiki is to understand that we are all one, connected in the beautiful web of the energy of our souls. Mastery of Reiki is to understand that it all matters, we all matter and our actions create the world we live in near and far. 


Patricia Meier

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