What can you expect in a hypnosis session? It’s similar to a guided meditation in that you are not asleep and are completely in control of your responses both bodily and verbal.  You won’t say or do anything you wouldn’t normally do, contrary to what you may have seen in movies or at parties.

It involves going into a relaxed state to gain access to your subconscious by moving your conscious mind out of the way through relaxation.  Almost anyone can be hypnotized and there is no wrong way to enter into it.  You are not asleep and you cannot get stuck in a hypnotic state.  I will be here to guide you along and help you to access that place between sleep and wakefulness.

You’ve likely already experienced a light hypnotic state along the way like those times where we zone out driving somewhere lost deep in thought and don’t actually remember getting to the destination.  Our conscious minds are busy and our subconscious takes the wheel and gets us there.  The benefits of a session are many as it can be used to release the thoughts, beliefs and habits that stand in the way of you reaching your highest potential.  All we need is trust, imagination and a willingness to make change to be successful together.

The number of recommended sessions is dependent upon client goals.