Reiki Classes

Reiki 1st Degree Training: The 1st level class is one day and includes training and certification of Reiki Level 1, including the 1st symbol. This is a classroom setting allowing for practice of self-healing & client healing via student practice. Participants will leave with an understanding of Reiki’s origins as well as a high-level understanding of the chakra system. Support is available for questions beyond the initial training.

Reiki 2nd Degree Training:   The 2nd level class is one day and includes the next two symbols which allow for healing of the Mental/Emotional state and the ability to heal beyond time and space. Participants will learn a deeper understanding of how energy works, along with more information on working on clients as a business. This level of Reiki is where most people progress to and stay for a while. Reiki 2 students will receive a copy of Diane Stein’s Essential Reiki book, a certificate and ongoing support for their Reiki journey.

Reiki 3rd Degree Training (Master/Teacher): Master/Teacher training is available upon request and is intended for those who have a desire to teach and share Reiki with the world through attuning others. Master/Teacher training is more focused and includes more esoteric information. Certification is achieved through one attunement, just as the other levels, however Mastery is a commitment and ongoing life journey. A Reiki Master will leave this course with the ability to teach and attune others, the timing of when they are ready varies with each individual. Please contact me directly if you wish to study for your Master Level with me as your guide.

Reiki 1st and 2nd Degree Training for Teens: These two classes are modified sessions for teens aged 12 – 17 yrs. The focus is on self-healing, how energy works and how to connect to innate wisdom in their own bodies. The materials provided and certification are equal to the adult Reiki Courses. Support is available for questions beyond the initial training. Master training would be available once students reach adulthood and not before.


If you still have questions about Reiki training, please head over to “Book with us” to find a free 30-minute time slot to speak to me over Zoom or on the phone. Meeting this was is an excellent way for you and I to gauge if we are a right fit.