Channeled Coaching Session

This session provides the opportunity for the client to ask questions one on one with Patricia (Patty) and the energies that she channels; Celesta and The Light of Orion. Sessions are 45 minutes in length.

I have been channeling sound since 2013. During client sessions, I would often have verbal messages come through.

In the fall of 2018 I took the next step of learning to channel and began working with the Galactic Council and then a loving energy I call The Light of Orion.

Working with these higher consciousness beings can bring clarity to issues and challenges in our lives. They are able to shed light on the reasons for our current situation, at times referencing past life experiences and life lessons. Messages are often direct and always loving in nature. These sessions are a combination of speaking and channeled sound.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not intended for prediction of the future or questions regarding medical conditions. The prime directive of life is to have Free Will and to predict the outcome of a situation is to remove personal choice.