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What is Reiki?

A remembrance by Patricia Meier, Reiki Master/Teacher

Scholarly definition:

A google search of Reiki will bring up definitions similar to the following “Reiki noun – a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.” 

Reiki in Japanese literally means “universal life energy”.  

Channel on the origins of Reiki, Patty’s version based on connecting with the Orion energy…

I believe Reiki was a gift given to humanity at the time we first descended from the stars and touched down on the Earth.  While channeling, I received the following information: Mu (Lemuria) was one of the original “settlements”, if you will, for the people of the stars.  We gathered here to orient to the Earth.  One of the lessons from that time was related to today’s Reiki. 

Reiki was, in fact, not a healing modality at that time, as there was no need to heal.  Reiki was a gift that all beings possessed as part of the essence of who we were when we departed from All That IS.  There was no lack of health, wealth or wisdom while living in perfect vibration.  Reiki was the state of “being LOVE” and having a pure connection to All That Is.  There were no attunements then as everyone already had it.  We would first learn to use it to understand that WE ARE LOVE and then to carry forward the memory that even when we leave the sacred space, we are all still connected together. 

In Mu, one of the lessons taught was how to remain in this state of perfect vibration, after venturing beyond Mu’s boundaries, where we may encounter others who are not vibrating at the same frequency; how to interact without absorbing the lower vibration and allowing it to change our own. 

First, we learned “level one” which was working on our own state of maintaining our vibration. 

Level two was to help others and to go beyond time and space in the confines of Earth’s vibrational field.  We needed to learn to protect ourselves to carry that sacred space within us when we ventured out in the world of those less aware.  They also had gifts available to them but could not always access when they were vibrating at a lower level.  Reiki level two was, and is, the sweet spot of harmonious balance; back then it was the place where most people resided.

Mastery was the goal of attaining the ability to remain neutral at all times.   Master/Teacher was a choice to teach others what we have learned and are continuing to learn on our journey.  Mastery refers to mastering oneself in the world with all the distractions and different vibrations of beings around us.  Dolphins, whales and dogs as well as many other animals are already Reiki Masters. 

Please note “neutral” does not mean emotionless.  It does not mean flat and instead means continuous attainment of a feeling of peace and high vibration, regardless of what is going on around us.  Maintaining our energy field level while giving to others; no depletion of ourselves and no absorption of what does not serve us. It is the exact opposite of being flat; being neutral means raising the level of pure LOVE.   Manifestation happens in this state because of the realization that we are all connected.   If everything is energy and all energy is connected; then absolutely nothing is beyond our reach.  When we are living as a part of everything, we are not living in lack so we need fewer external things and can manifest that which we desire.

Those of us from the Stars were of a different vibration coming here to make heaven on earth.  Mu was a sending off place.  Touch down here, get your land legs and then off you go on the journey of experience, remembering that you are LOVE, and treading lightly on the beautiful gift of Earth.  

My personal journey into Reiki…

When I began my Reiki journey in 1997, it was to use this modality as a way to regenerate my olfactory nerve to regain my sense of smell; I had lost it as a result of a car accident in 1991.  Reiki level one felt so wonderful, like coming home and it helped settle the tornado inside my brain, allowing me to have better rest at night.  

Reiki level two brought the ability to go into past, present and future time, to heal at a distance and to heal mental/emotional dissonance within myself and others.   This was a quantum leap for me from Reiki 1 and a place I stayed for 14 years before wading further into the realm of Reiki energy. 

in 2013, I obtained certification as a Reiki Master/Teacher and again I paused to breath that level in deeply prior to feeling ready to share the teaching aspect with others.   It was important that I understand what this mastery means before I could teach it to another soul.   Recently a good friend and fellow Reiki Master/Teacher asked me to collaborate in leading classes together; the time was right.   

I believe we were all born as PURE LOVE; connected souls with a direct line to All That Is and that somewhere along the way, many of us forget our divinity.   

Something in the introduction to the book, Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art by Diane Stein called to me to channel my own history with Reiki beyond this life which is how this channeled article came to be.   I hope you find some value in these words and a truth in your heart.   If you are drawn to come to me for Reiki training or a healing session, I’d be honored to be a guide on the return path to your true essence.  <3

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