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What is hypnosis? What can I expect?

You are most likely thinking about exploring the world of hypnosis which is why you are here.   You might be wondering if you can be hypnotized, will you lose control & does it really work?  I hope to answer the most common questions & allay any possible fears here in this article.

What is hypnosis

  • Can I be hypnotized?
    • All people have the ability to be hypnotized & about 94% of the population will have a successful session.  The other 6% generally have such a keen opposition to what they perceive as giving up control that they will not go into hypnosis.   This is why I will try to answer your questions & provide information on what to expect before you come to your first session.
  • Am I going to lose complete control over my body?   Will you make me do things I don’t want to do?
    • Not a chance.   The main goal of hypnosis is to move the conscious mind or “critical factor” out of the way to work with your subconscious or super-conscious mind in order to achieve the results in a deeper and more lasting manner.   As a professional, I would never make you look foolish or take advantage of your trust in me & you have a level of awareness where you can stop at any time you wish
    • I was hypnotized before and I remembered the whole thing!   I remember wondering if I was really in trance or if I was just making it all up.  I thought I was supposed to “go under” and not be questioning myself the whole time.  Did I fail?
    • No, you did not fail.  The subconscious mind is a place where all the learning and experiences you have had in this life reside.  The super-conscious mind holds answers at an even higher mind or soul mind, if you will.   The conscious mind is required to some degree to assist in turning this information, these experiences into words.
    • Dolores Cannon, in her book The Convoluted Universe Book 3, described it as follows:
      • “….as he was wrestling pro and con about whether he could have been making it up.  ‘As I listened to the tape, I experienced the challenges associated with the use of words and the usage of the tongue to express these words.  I sensed that the ocean-energy had to use the conscious mind to express itself in worlds.  So instead of setting it aside, the ocean-energy just dissolved the conscious mind into itself as a grain of salt dissolved in the ocean.’  However, the grain of salt (or my conscious mind) even as it is dissolved in the ocean water (or the ocean-energy), still maintained its individuality.  ….the point here is that there were challenges/difficulties translating the energetic information into human words, and some of the words used were not exactly what the ocean-energy would have wanted to use.  But the conscious mind used these words, because it was more or less in charge of the wording aspect of this communication.  It would be excellent if we could completely silence the conscious mind, but somehow its presence is still needed for the wording.”
  • If I book a session with you, you can “fix” me, right?
    • I am not a miracle worker.  I am not a doctor.   I am a Certified Counselling Hypnotist who can use hypnosis along with the other healing modalities I possess to facilitate the changes you want in your life.    YOU are in control.  You decide what you want to change and when.
    • There are three things required for a successful hypnotism session:
      • Trust in your hypnotist
      • A good imagination
      • Willingness to participate in the change
    • My role is to facilitate you through the changes you desire as your guide and partner.  Using hypnosis puts you into a state of mind to release the things that no longer serve you and more deeply entrench your new desires; similar to reprogramming a computer.
    • Last note on this; most changes require more than one session & I would recommend a minimum of three.   There are rare cases where someone has done a lot of work before where this is that last push to get to the finish line; however, I believe in creating realistic expectations.

I trust that this answered the most common questions for you.   If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email or private message on Facebook; just follow the links under “Contact Us”.

Love and Light to you,

Patricia Meier

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