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What on earth is Interlife Regression hypnosis?

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There is a place the Soul calls home, this is the inter-life

There is a place between lives that your Soul calls Home. During an interlife regression session, the client goes to this life-between-lives place for a deep healing, to learn more about their soul family and life purpose, and to converse with someone who has passed from this current life. It is a place of great healing, and every client who has ventured there in my chair has declared it the most amazing adventure they’ve taken.

The Inter-Life protocol which I use is based on The Simpson Protocol (SP), which I am certified in. It was developed by Jacquie Balogh, who is the SP trainer for Canada.

I have offered Past Life Regression sessions for quite some time now; the Inter-Life Regression surpasses those by a mile. When we journey to the life between lives, the client meets with their guides and their soul family. There is a place for deep healing, a place to review the Akash, and also a chance to call in a loved one who has passed for their wisdom.

I have taken dozens of people to the Interlife since adding it to my hypnotic tour destinations. Clients have looked to their soul family for assistance with:

Quotes from previous Interlife clients:

I didn’t know what to expect but I sure didn’t expect that! It was so much more than I could have imagined!

I don’t know what just happened! What I do know is that I feel amazing!

I have tried for years to connect with my grandmother, and there she was! I am ever so grateful for this session!

An Interliife Regression hypnosis session does not require that you have had any prior hypnosis experience, only that you trust me as your practitioner, that you desire to go into hypnosis, and that you promise to allow all levels of your mind to do the work for you, while you sit back and get curious. That’s it!

Interested? Book your session today or contact me for more info patricia.meier@sparksofhealing.ca I would love to be your hypnotic tour guide.

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