Trust me, I’m a certified hypnotherapist…

My journey with hypnosis began way back in 2014 when I learned past life regression (PLR) as part of a series of classes I was taking called Soul Alignment. I both facilitated and received amazing results in journeying into the past. After class, I would go on to offer PLR sessions to friends and family only. I felt that without full hypnosis training, I would not know what to do if a person had an abreaction to what they were experiencing.

In 2018, I became certified with the National Guild of Hypnosis as a Certified Hypnotherapist. That is when I really came to understand the value and possibilities hypnosis held. During the twenty hours of practicum, I honed my skills and saw my clients achieve wonderful results.

In May of the same year, I expanded my skills by learning the Simpson Protocol method when Ines Simpson came to our fair province to teach. This method proved to take clients deeper, faster, and gave them better results than the more traditional methods. I was hooked!

In May of this year, I took an advanced session again with Ines, along with her Canadian trainer, Jacquie Balogh. It was after this session that I began my quest to become a Certified Simpson Protocol practitioner. Over the next few months I submitted recordings of my client sessions to be evaluated, received coaching culminating in becoming full certified on October 20, 2020.

I am often asked by people if I believe they can be hypnotized. My answer is I believe so if you can answer “yes” to the following questions:

Are you ready to allow yourself to go into hypnosis today?
Are you ready to allow yourself to go as deeply as you are able to and as deeply as you need to?
Are you ready to allow your mind to do the work for you today?
Are you ready to release any expectation and just get curious about where your mind takes you?
If yes, then you need to just sit back and allow your Super Conscious Mind to do the work, while you enjoy the experience comfortably.

Here are some examples of what clients have said:

I truly can’t express how much that session changed my life and how I find myself drifting away into some of those memories. Did you know that sea turtles sight is on the UV colour spectrum? It explains why I saw colours I couldn’t even begin to describe and I’ve honestly found it’s helped me with my art and seeing the beauty in most anything. Even the snow…

Not to mention how much my relationship with Katie strengthened from knowing we’ve met before, the affirmation in the bond was unlike anything else.

I can’t wait for others to experience the same! <3 <3 <3

Shelby G – Past Life Regression client

This client went to two separate past lives, of which one was as a sea turtle! How can a person even begin to imagine these things!

Patricia Meier is a very competent, compassionate, and engaging hypnotherapist. I got to experience her kindness, professionalism, and dedication when we were practicing as students in the advanced Simpson Protocol and Simpson Protocol Past Life Regression training. Because I witnessed her expertise first hand, I chose to work with her privately and I was not disappointed! Through Patricia’s skill, I was able to release some deeply entrenched emotional issues and this is why I highly recommend Patricia as a hypnotherapist!”

Reverend Sheila Scott

Patty is a naturally talented healer and hypnotist. She has a strong intuition and a great deal of compassion when working with her clients. She has spent a good deal of time training and advancing herself and has become a master hypnotist. I have had the pleasure of teaching and mentoring Patty as well as being a client in her chair. She is a talented linguist and she really gets to the root of the issue. I see great things in her future. Hands down, one of the best I’ve ever worked with.

Jacquie Balogh, Simpson Protocol Practitioner & Trainer, Author

I would be honoured to assist you with anything you are ready to heal and change. The power is within you to release, reframe, and shift anything in your life. My role is to be your guide to facilitate your healing. Please feel free to contact me here on the site or email to info@sparksofhealing.ca, or better yet, hit the Book Now and find a time to start your healing journey!

~~~Patricia (Patty) Meier

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