Sparking up a Conversation

Time to spark up a conversation!

UPDATE January 2021 – Until further notice, Sparking Up A Conversation will be a virtual call.

Sparking up a conversation is a monthly meeting of like minds to discuss spiritual topics. The format of this group will be presentation, followed by discussion. It is intended as a place for people to come and explore concepts, healing modalities and tools for balancing our energy with a goal to improve the grounding and connection of all who attend.

Each session will be on a predetermined topic and the cost to attend is minimal. Gatherings will end with a sound blessing for all in attendance.

This is a safe space to explore a myriad of topics. Attendees are asked to respect one another’s point of view and keep an open mind. The spirit of intent is to whet your appetite to explore new and existing ideas for mind expansion, creating a more calm, loving life adventure.

I hope you will find the information interesting and beneficial to expand your mind and open your heart. <3

In love and light, Patricia Meier.