A Moving Meditation presented by Sparks of Healing

Welcome to my newest online offering. A Moving Mediation presented by Sparks of Healing.

This class will involve moving your body to music with guidance to connect you to Gaia, Our Mother Earth and to your higher consciousness in the cosmos and beyond. We will work through the 7 bodily chakras to clean and clear anything that stands in the way of a clear channel from above and below to the still, small space in your heart.

The class will conclude with a message from The Light of Orion. It is recommended that you plan to take some quiet time following for reflection, perhaps to journal or express your experience through art.

You will need:

a space in your home where you can move
connection to the internet to participate online
-to hear the music and guidance on i.e. a cell phone perhaps with wireless earbuds or bluetooth speaker; computer with external speakers, etc
Lastly, a space where you can sit and listen for a few moments after the dance for further connection and reflection with the assistance of the Light of Orion.

Link via email upon successful registration

Cost is $10/registration which covers all members attending in your space (i.e. the whole family can dance together for one low price)

Music is the key to setting your soul free. Move your body to clear and clean all that stands in your way of connection, grounding & peace.

Patricia Meier… Sparks of Healing