Latasha M.

I’m grateful to have had opportunities to benefit from three healing modalities that Patty practices: Chakradance, sound bath and hypnotherapy.  I found all three of the modalities, during several separate sessions, to be powerful.

Chakradance was, for me, a fun, moving meditation and beautiful way to tangibly connect with each of the chakras.  Patty created the container for such a neat experience.

She is an amazingly gifted singer; it’s astounding that her sound bath singing moves such deep inner places.  If I could just keep Patty to sing to me on a regular basis, I feel my life would be complete haha 🙂 What a potent and unique practice!

The hypnotherapy session was also incredibly powerful – I  felt a lot of movement within my body, reacting to the session and thought the whole process was incredibly cool.

I would highly recommend trying these modalities with Patty!

Chakradance, Sound Healing & Hypnosis