I have had the privilege of knowing Patty for several years. During that time, I’ve been fortunate to experience many of her gifts – her sound healing, Soul Dance facilitation, channeling, hypnotherapy, Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 certifications as well as joining in her Sparking up a Conversation group.  She is such a bright energy, generously sharing her experiences, her knowledge, her challenges, and her beautiful gifts.  I highly recommend her for any and all of the above therapies/courses … and I also recommend checking out her gorgeous intuitive artwork as well.

Latasha McMullen, Doctor of Acupuncture

Latasha McMullen

Patty is a naturally talented healer and hypnotist. She has a strong intuition and a great deal of compassion when working with her clients. She has spent a good deal of time training and advancing herself and has become a master hypnotist. I have had the pleasure of teaching and mentoring Patty as well as being a client in her chair. She is a talented linguist and she really gets to the root of the issue. I see great things in her future. Hands down, one of the best I’ve ever worked with.

Jacquie is a Simpson Protocol Practitioner and Trainer as well as an Author in her own rights.

Jacquie Balogh CCHt

I truly can’t express how much that session changed my life and how I find myself drifting away into some of those memories. Did you know that sea turtles sight is on the UV colour spectrum? It explains why I saw colours I couldn’t even begin to describe and I’ve honestly found it’s helped with my art and seeing the beauty in most anything. Even the snow (don’t tell my mom hahah)

Not to mention how much my relationship with Katie strengthened from knowing we’ve met before, the affirmation in the bond was unlike anything else. I can’t wait for others to experience the same 💕💕💕

Shelby experienced a past life regression session and visited two distinct lifetimes, one as a sea turtle. She was the inspiration for me to further my PLR training and offer it to all clients.

Shelby Glaze

Patricia Meier is a very competent, compassionate and engaging hypnotherapist. I got to experience her kindness, professionalism and dedication when we were practicing as students in the advanced Simpson Protocol and the Simpson Protocol Past Life Regression training. Because I witnessed her expertise first hand, I chose to work with her privately and I was not disappointed! Through Patricia’s skill, I was able to release some deeply entrenched emotional issues and this is why I highly recommend Patricia as a hypnotherapist! 

Rev. Sheila Scott M.Ht.

“I highly recommend Patricia as a Hypnosis Practitioner. I had never had a hypnosis prior, and she is such a gentle, kind and trustworthy person. After my session, I had some breakthroughs that were a great gift. It was a very healing experience that I would recommend to anyone. Thanks so much Patricia!”

Simpson Protocol – Past Life Regression session

Chantal Hartl

If you are ready to move through old pain issues, see Patty. She helped me release past life trauma that brings me a new level of peace. The process was safe, relaxing and easy. The Energy work in her tool belt is connected to the  Highest Order of Love and is a Blessing for us all. Thanks Patty!

Denise experienced a Hypnosis session for Past Life Regression

Denise G.

Patty is a warm and caring teacher who offers absolutely amazing follow-up support after her classes! I’ve attended both her classes for teens and her adult classes! I would heartily recommend her as a teacher.☺️❤️💐

Naomi Hunter

Patty has such a genuine, warm, and authentic presence. She simply radiates love and positivity. I’m honored to be one of her Reiki students!

Aeriel Harvey

Patty is the “real deal” and she shines as a teacher. You can’t help but feel safe and comfortable as a student because of her genuine warmth. She truly cares about each individual and that doesn’t end when the class ends as she offers support afterwards. Patty lives and breathes Reiki and that becomes crystal clear in her teaching. I highly recommend Patty. 💖💕💖

Linda Malynyk

Patty is a natural healer and teacher. You will find her centered and grounded but at the same time SO excited to see you move past your blocks or learn a new skill. She has an amazing skill set and can lead Chakradance, teach you Reiki (amazing teacher!) , do a sound healing and more. If you are looking for someone who is interested in seeing YOU succeed..this is your girl 


Jolie Read Engelbrecht