If you are ready to move through old pain issues, see Patty. She helped me release past life trauma that brings me a new level of peace. The process was safe, relaxing and easy. The Energy work in her tool belt is connected to the  Highest Order of Love and is a Blessing for us all. Thanks Patty!

Denise G.

***Patty’s note – Denise experienced a Hypnosis session for Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Patty is a warm and caring teacher who offers absolutely amazing follow-up support after her classes! I’ve attended both her classes for teens and her adult classes! I would heartily recommend her as a teacher.☺️❤️💐

Naomi Hunter

Patty has such a genuine, warm, and authentic presence. She simply radiates love and positivity. I’m honored to be one of her Reiki students!

Aeriel Harvey

Patty is the “real deal” and she shines as a teacher. You can’t help but feel safe and comfortable as a student because of her genuine warmth. She truly cares about each individual and that doesn’t end when the class ends as she offers support afterwards. Patty lives and breathes Reiki and that becomes crystal clear in her teaching. I highly recommend Patty. 💖💕💖

Linda Malynyk

Patty is a natural healer and teacher. You will find her centered and grounded but at the same time SO excited to see you move past your blocks or learn a new skill. She has an amazing skill set and can lead Chakradance, teach you Reiki (amazing teacher!) , do a sound healing and more. If you are looking for someone who is interested in seeing YOU succeed..this is your girl 


Jolie Read Engelbrecht

I’m grateful to have had opportunities to benefit from three healing modalities that Patty practices: Chakradance, sound bath and hypnotherapy.  I found all three of the modalities, during several separate sessions, to be powerful.

Chakradance was, for me, a fun, moving meditation and beautiful way to tangibly connect with each of the chakras.  Patty created the container for such a neat experience.

She is an amazingly gifted singer; it’s astounding that her sound bath singing moves such deep inner places.  If I could just keep Patty to sing to me on a regular basis, I feel my life would be complete haha 🙂 What a potent and unique practice!

The hypnotherapy session was also incredibly powerful – I  felt a lot of movement within my body, reacting to the session and thought the whole process was incredibly cool.

I would highly recommend trying these modalities with Patty!

Latasha M.

Chakradance, Sound Healing & Hypnosis

I had the most Amazing experience of Chakradance with Patty that transformed my belief of what Chakra Energy is all about for me.  It was a dance.  It was an energetic flow of motion. It was a new awareness all into one unique experience.  I loved it!  <3

Suzanne S

It has been an absolute honour to be a hypnotherapy client of Patty’s.  Her calming and trustworthy nature ensures a confidential welcoming environment; leading to an ease into a hypnotic state.

Under Patty’s skillful guidance, I have achieved many enlightening sessions which have translated into actual shifts in my day to day life.  Her hypnotherapy sessions are professional, relaxing and have achieved the desired outcomes I was seeking.

…Elaine G.

Elaine G

It’s been a blessing to incorporate the truths I revealed to myself during our session into my daily life. The newfound perspective of myself and my life’s progress has been tremendously healing and beneficial to the amount of joy I can feel. A heightened awareness of the status of my chakras coupled with the vows I made for my soul, I’ve been able to help myself get through some difficult times already. Your session helped empower me. Thank you.”


“Before I went to see Patty I was struggling. I felt like I was walking through sludge and just going through the motions of life. The change I felt after a Soul Alignment session was immediate! I felt lighter and more at peace. She is amazing!”


Tera R