Past Life or Interlife Regression

Past Life Regression (PLR) Hypnosis is used to find and heal physical, mental, and emotional concerns. Working with the Super Conscious Mind, the client can choose to visit a current relationship, or examine a question/situation from a past life experience. In Simpson Protocol PLR, we work to heal the experience through all time, as well as bring forward strengths, lessons and abilities into the current life experience. Although not entirely necessary, a prior successful hypnosis session, or a meditation practice, can be an asset in reaching the necessary level of hypnosis.

An Interlife PLR session is another option available. In an Interlife Session, the client journeys to the place between lives. Here we work with the Superconscious Mind, Higher Self and Guidance Team to learn a greater depth of purpose for the client. Here themes are explored and the client has an opportunity to see experiences that cross several lives, meet with spirits who have passed and gain a better understanding of their current life challenges and purpose. Facilitation of this session is also based on The Simpson Protocol, therefore resolving things that are outstanding, as well as bringing forward understanding, skills and abilities from other times.

Either of these sessions are 2 – 2.5 hours in length depending on the depth of the session and the volume of information brought forward by the client. For in person sessions, client is welcome to record the session if they desire; online sessions, an audio recording can be provided upon request.