Sparks of Healing Online School

In August of 2019, I opened the Sparks of Healing Online School . This is a place where you can access various courses built to enhance your life. As a way to say thank you for visiting it, you will receive access to The Tree Mediation mini course free; my gift to you for taking the time to check out the school.

Future plans are to offer courses on setting personal boundaries, three aspects of the soul and hypnosis information. My spirit of intent is to help you in your quest to love yourself, to accept your human self as is and to help you build a passionate life.

I will be offering the “plus” side of my Reiki plus face to face courses in this school as well. I do not believe in giving Reiki attunements via distance, however, there is information which I provide to my students that goes beyond traditional Reiki. My peers have told me that this information would be valuable even to existing practitioners, so it is my goal to make it available at a reasonable cost via the school.

In love and light to you,

~~Patricia Meier