Interlife Regression – Four-day program

“There is a place between lives that your Soul calls Home. During an Interlife hypnosis regression session, the client goes to this life-between-lives space for deep healing, to learn more about their soul family and life purpose, and to converse with someone who has passed from this current life. It is a place of great healing, clarity, knowledge, and wisdom.” Patricia Meier

This class is designed to teach you to facilitate clients on journeys to Past Lives, Interlife, and two alternate Future Lives. No previous hypnosis training or experience is required.

Day 1 – Past Life Regression

Day 2 – Interlife Regression

Day 3 – Future Life Progression – Current Life

Day 4 – Future Life Progression – Future Incarnations

Why explore the Interlife?

Exploring the interlife can bring understanding and healing into current situations – family, life, relationships, physical conditions, questions about life purpose and a direct experience that we create our current and future realities by the choices we make. Researchers believe that the soul survives physical death and that the soul has a memory, or dimension of consciousness before and after incarnating – and so it is believed that the interlife process helps to heal and empower us in our lives right now. In the hypnotherapy process, you will focus on soul agreements, higher healing, soul family, akashic records, and reconnection with loved ones who have passed on.

Class structure:

This class is a combination of lecture learn and practice. Learning consists of understanding the intention of the journeys, stories and examples of clients personal experiences and how they were helped in real life, live demonstration of the script, practice in both the hypnotist and client seat for each journey into regression and my ongoing support as you do this practice beyond the classroom.

The Details:

When? September 8th – 11th 10 am to 4 pm

Where? Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan (exact location TBD)

Investment? $888


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