Poetry from the vault – circa 1985

Some time back, I found a dusty blue three-ringed binder with poems I wrote when I was a teenager… posting them here for your reading pleasure; whether you smile because they are angsty teen poems, or smile because you like them, either way I have met my goal to bring you a smile…

If I could read your mind

Reach behind your words,

And grasp your thoughts.

Then my mind would be free

You have lifted my spirits,

Then abandoned them…

Time and time again

With the permission of my heart

The bruise on my heart

Has hardened to armour,

Guarding against love…

Holding its place against you

Can you lift up my chin,

And remove the fear from my eyes?

Will you leave me for another,

Or will you decide to stay this time?

What have I done to deserve…

This endless pain in me?

Why have you tucked me away before…

And why do you pull me out again…

This time.

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