Celesta, Channeling, Light of Orion

New Year’s Day message from Celesta and the Light of Orion

I like to ask the Galactic Council or the Light of Orion, or my dear Celesta, the following question. What can we expect in the New Year?

Well, the amusing thing is that we have gnats in the house because of all the plants I bring in from outside and as soon as I asked the question that little gnat just flew up my nose.

I lovingly invoke God, the Angels, the archangels, Those of the White Light, Ascended Masters, Teachers and Healers; the Light of Orion, and Celesta, who is already here I’m sure, based on the fact that the gnat flew up my nostril.

My Dear One, for the first little while you can expect more of the same, for the shenanigans are not quite over. This is not fill you with dread, for you are the light, and the light will win in this situation. There is more work to be done here, but the crew that is working with you is growing larger every day. 

The light shines in the darkness; just one candle, as you know, can light up a room. Imagine how many hearts are working together right now to light up the night, to bring the day forward to the Earth. The day when all hearts will beat as one, in harmony with one another, and with the Earth. Does this sound like lala land? Yes. Is it time for lala land to spring forth upon the Earth? Absolutely!

There is work to be done but the work is not outside yourself, the work is in your heart. Love is the answer, as you all keep saying.  The Love in your heart changes the beat of the drum of the earth’s pulse. It is a little-known fact that the hearts of humanity do shift and change the earth, and the storms that they keep blaming on me, Mother Earth, are not my fault. The storms that are happening on the earth are a result of the storms that are within those who are not beating with the heart of the pure heart that they came into this world with. The greed, the anger, even the angst, produces trouble upon the land.

It is interesting in part of design that humanity will blame this on something outside of themselves, when in actuality the control of the whole thing is within themselves. Isn’t that funny? the key was in you all the time. And some of you knew that.  Some of you know that already. 

Some of you are playing with the design, Suzanne, and successfully doing so. There are others as well but they are doing so more quietly and are reticent to share their tactics, their successes, and perhaps it’s because they’re not sure they believe it themselves. But truly you do matter. The choices that you make in your heart, the choices that every human makes in their heart, makes a difference in the outcome for the world; and contrary to the statisticians on the earth, it doesn’t take everyone to make this shift. Tt does take, as you’ve been hearing for many years, a critical mass.

You’ve seen the science projects, those science experiments where there are the balls, or whatever they are, on strings on a long pole, and as you swing one, eventually they all begin to swing the same. Even though they go through some patterns first before they all swing together. Well, that’s what’s happening here.

So, focus dear ones, focus on your hearts. Focus on your Love, sending that Love out towards the earth and know that as more and more hearts beat to the tune of Love, the natural inclination will be for more and more hearts to choose to dance to that beat of Love.

Do not give up hope not even for one moment. You do have this.

And Patty, you’re just lucky we didn’t send the Bird of Paradise and it’s good that you laughed.

We Love you all Dear Ones keep up doing the work as you know we can’t do it for you, but we are here cheering you on and we are so proud, and we Love you so much, and we truly believe that you’ve got this, this time.

Thank you for inviting us in and that is all.

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