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Sunset on the Big Island of Hawaii where Aloha is more than a word, it’s the Spirit of love…

I awoke at 4:32 on August 20th, 2020 with words wishing to be shared. This story is about Love. 

There’s love inside of us. It is the feeling that there is more, and there is something that we have forgotten about. We have lost that connection to the feeling that we had before we were born, and this feeling that is locked up in our DNA is the key. It is not within our minds but within our hearts. This key is something that we cannot create with the metal of our ancestors here on earth.  

You may think that I speak in riddles, but your heart understands what you are reading, even as your mind is confused by the words. It is OK that your mind does not understand at once, because your heart does, and eventually your heart will share its understanding with your entire being. And the understanding will not be that kind of moment where your brain says, oh, I get it. This is the understanding when your body responds to a vibration.  

This is the kind of response that you feel with your entire being. It is like a tickle that starts somewhere, perhaps in your toes, and slowly climbs up your calves. It feels like it is happening within you in your body but also above your body and around your body. And it climbs up and it feels like something is happening around you within you and beyond you all the same time. There is a definite feeling of rising up. 

When you unlock this key, you feel as though you are being lifted beyond your body. Instead of there being fear that there is something being lost from your body, there is a feeling that something is being remembered, and brought into your body.  

It is a great vibrational remembering. Have you ever thought about the word remember? When you think about the word member it refers to being a part of something greater than just one person. It is a part of a group or a collection of people who you have something in common with. So then to re-member would be to come back together with those people with whom you share something worth gathering for.  

What if to remember means to come back together as one? However, we are not coming back together as one by leaving our bodies, but instead by joining our hearts within our flesh homes. What if remember is a state of being alive where we understand that we are all one with all of creation? And to re-member we start to understand that all that we do to the least of us we do to the whole of us.  

What if this feeling that we have in our hearts, with this tickle that we have in our body… what if this is the start of this remembering? Can you imagine the state of the world if we were to only do to one another truly as we want done to ourselves? What if that means we truly DO impact and affect others every time we do something to ourselves, and everything else each time we do something to another? 

What if every single creation, every grain of sand, every pebble, every drop of water, is in fact, connected? What if every item, every creation, every living, and non-living being, creation, or element on our earth is all part of one? 

I read something recently that said every single creation that we see on the earth has its own goal to reach a set level of potential. Simply by noticing its divinity, we as human beings help that creation to reach its goal of ultimate potential. By noticing the beauty of a flower, we inspire the plant to create more beauty, more luxuriousness, with more vibrance. What if we, through the mere act of noticing its beauty and holding that beauty within our heart, inspire it to reach greater heights of splendor? 

What if the bee, simply by flying around the plant, inspires it to bloom? What if the bird, simply by singing its song, inspires the trees to leaf out? What if the ocean, simply by carrying us upon its waves, or holding us in its water, inspires us to remember that we were once children who laid in the wombs of our mother and looked upon the earth as a miracle? What if the ocean is reminding us to live in wonder with the eyes of a child? 

What if the mere act of being in the presence of the mountains reminds us that we too are wise when we are still, and then we rise to our own greatness because we learn? 

Have you ever noticed as you move up a mountain, that the concentration of climbing creates space for clarity in your view of the sights around you as well as room for clarity in your thoughts? 

Connecting with nature may be even greater than what we recognize. Maybe connecting with nature is part of the great remembering of who we truly are? 

We are the Divine remembering, by seeing all that is around us; the beauty, the variety, the vast, and the small we help them to remember as well.  

There is a greatness to the design of the earth that we do not notice in the busyness of being human doings. When we go out into nature, we take the time to simply be. We feel the connection so deeply within us and we know that there exists a God, something greater than us alone. In fact, we remember that we are not alone. We remember that we are more than just skin and bones. 

Have you ever felt the need to just climb deep inside yourself? I needed to completely shut off the world for a while during the great pause of 2020. We were not allowed to go outside. We were forced to stay inside our homes and not even touch those who we loved if they lived elsewhere. I felt during this time the need to go deep within myself. 

It has been an experience of great metamorphosis. I feel as though I have gone inside and melted, reforming only those things which are pure and dear to me. I have melted away some of the anger, judgment, and curved my harsh edges. My reformulation of ego was fueled by love of all that exists around me. 

Through the remembering of my connection to All That Is, I have softened the edges of my judgment; I have extended forgiveness to myself for my humanity and all its flaws. I have forgiven the world around me for its humanity and its flaws.  

This metamorphosis is one of replacing anger with love. It is not easy. It is a choice. Every time I fell into the vat of should’s, I covered myself in ick. I felt weighted by the heaviness of my own judgement. If I take the time to judge my judgement, I realize that I do not wish to carry the weight of it. Shaking it off replacing it with love for what I see around me and forgiveness of my own self, I feel lighter. 

Dropping the hammer and gavel of my inner judge allows me to BE lighter, and the wings of my being can lift me to new heights, where I can see far beyond myself, where I can remember that I am all part of all that I see, in all directions. 

I am part of all creation and I am part of the space between them. I am part of the colour of fire in the sky at sunset. I am one of the stars in the vast sky above. I am the vibrant flow of the Aurora. I am part of the colours of the rainbow.  

I am every drop of rain and every refreshing breeze. I am the sound of the beating wings of the happy bird. I am the delight of every drop of nectar on every flower. I am the essence of the bee enjoying the nectar. I am the petal of every flower. I am joy. I am Love. I am you. You are me. We are all connected, and we are all part of All That Is! 

Imagine if this is true. Imagine how we would live our lives if we knew this truth in our hearts.  

Imagine if we knew that the way we treat all things around us, we do to ourselves. What choices would be made then? 

Sleep comes to me now and offers me a glimpse of my greatness. I will fall into its arms, and ride on the wings of my dreams. Come soar with me, won’t you? Let us see what we can from up there, from out there, through the lens of our heart, with the beating of our wings, as souls on the great journey of remembrance. 

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