Channeling…what’s it like?

At 11:11am on Wednesday, May 13th, 2020 I came across this passage in the book The Third Millennium by Ken Carey.  It perfectly explains how I feel about channeling the Light of Orion

“…. There is no trance involved in my reception of these thoughts, no loss of consciousness, no voice change or foreign accent. I am fully present throughout the experience. …I began to realize that accessing higher-frequency awareness is actually an organic process, a natural ability with which every child is born…..”

An attendee of last night’s “Sparking up a Conversation” discussion group had asked the question of me earlier in the day as to what channeling was like for me?  Did it change me to open up to channel?  

This answer just fell out of the book and into my field of awareness.  🙂  

My voice does change a little in its cadence. The words tumble out of my mouth before they truly register in my mind so I guess I am unfiltered fully during these channel sessions. The author says he is not “channeling”; I have no issue with that label; however, I can tell you that in no way I “step aside” to allow my body to be used. I am fully involved and the more I connect, the more I feel connected as though we are not truly separated at all. I am here in this body having this experience and at the same time I am part of the group where the information is coming from. <3

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