Channeling, Light of Orion

What is the Light of Orion anyhow?

Channeling energy in the rain, Ontario May 2013

In a previous post, I related the story of waking up to a message from the Orion Constellation. “Are you ready?”, it asked me. At the time, I did not know what was being asked of me, but my answer was yes.

Since that time, I have deepened my connection to the stars, to the wonder of the cosmos on dark starry nights of any season. I have also learned to focus and connect to this energy through channeling messages as well as sound over the past seven years.

One of the first practice sessions I did in 2018 brought forth questions about the Light of Orion. I thought I would share the answers with you here.

Can you explain in a simple way, the essence of the message you are transmitting in the tones?

It is Love. It is Love that needs to return to the earth and its people. Many have forgotten that they are, in fact Love. and the music and the vibration help them to remember who they truly are. One Heart, One Voice… All LOVE.

Would you say that you are a group of beings or a single entity?

A collection of energy. We are all as one and yet we are individuals. We are like harmonics, a perfect blend of vibration and sound. An entity of energy and sound and beautiful light, crystalline in nature. The sounds of the Divine beginnings of the universe.

Messages for Patricia at this time?

We thank her for being brave to allow this information and the vibration and the trust. She knows she is one of us and her memory of the beginning when she came to teach the children who came to populate the Earth is true. And she did try to teach them to tread lightly and to remember they are LOVE. And now it’s time for all who are called to remind all of humanity that they are LOVE. And this hardship, this hatred and competition is unnecessary in a world where all are LOVED.

This is it. We, as human beings, make it much more complicated than it really is. <3

I know that when I open to channel this energy and these messages that my heart expands. I feel a love wrap around me like a warm cloak which lifts me up.

It is my intention to share more of these transmissions of sound for you through my YouTube channel, linked here. It is my hope that the LOVE intended to return to our planet will come to you through the absorption of this Divine sound.

In love and light to you, always,

Patricia Meier and the Light of Orion

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