Channeling, Light of Orion

Message from the Light of Orion regarding chaos

Orion Nebula photo

What does the world need to know most right now during this pandemic crisis?

Calm.  Calm yourself and those around you.  Look out for one another.  Take care of those who cannot take care of themselves.  Love is still the answer and I know my dear one, you are thinking that is much too simple, and that more is required. But ask yourself… is it?  Is it really not enough?  If all actions are considered in the vibration of love, will not the right answer be found every time?  When we hold a loving-kindness vibration and act in the good of all, not only a few, or only for self-interest, does the right answer not come forth?

A loving heart will always find a way to create ease for another.  And the miracle about creating ease for another is that you then also create ease for self.

It is almost magic, ha-ha.   Intended magic and beauty are inherent in coming together, re-membering that you are all one, and that you rise or fall as one.  This is a situation meant to bring you together in hearts and actions even while you feel the need to stay apart, to not hasten the spread of the virus.  The tentacles of the virus are not strong at a distance, but the web of life between your hearts and the souls contained within is so very strong.

The strength you will find with family, friends, and even nations coming together to help the whole of humanity will be the crest of the wave of love that needs to nourish the world.  This is the start of the ebb of a different awakening for the world.  Hold tight dear ones but don’t hold tight to things; do not clench possessions. Hold the hands of those you love and the hearts of everyone, while you face this storm together, as a nation of earthlings aboard the planet Earth.  The planet of water that flows connecting all nations, sharing with all the lifeblood of H2O connection coming together in preventing, sharing of information and resources.  Those who reach out, who share, who open their arms and hearts will receive so much more than they give.  Peace… peace will be the reward. Peace during and after this challenge. 

A channeling from the Light of Orion by Patricia Meier

March 13 2020

The Orion Nebula as photographed by the Hubble Space Telescope

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