Channeling, Light of Orion

I am

The joy of sound…

I am Divine Feminine. It is my time. The love, light, and container of life is my essence.

I am the possibility of the stars alit unto the Earth.

Exploding into life, into love, into divinity expressed as humanity.

I am the explorer infused with the settled. I am the adorer in the embrace of the adored.

I am Light manifest in Love.

I am All manifest in One.

I am.


I need nothing. I am All that Is.

I want nothing. I have all that is in a drop of my tears.

I am laid bare in front of you. There is no shame in my presentation as I am you and you are me, mirrored; same yet unique in our reflection of the light.

Choosing my facet of the diamond, its placement and its version of the possibility in the perfection of my reflection.

There is no right, wrong, good or bad. There simply is what is. It is our judgement that taints the view.

When we view what is from the window of our heart’s vision, we know all is perfection.

Light is light, be it manifest pure, absorbed into its reflection, broken apart, invisible, divisible…

All is All. All is One. One is All that IS.

Accept. Allow.


Ignite and watch as your flame, your light inspires the embers of others to join you in the holy flame.

Your Soul shines brightly and all can see the light.

That is all that needs to be done, is for each spark to shine its light fully for all to become enlightened.

There is nothing more.

Love is Love is Love.

That is all there is.

And all there is is that.

~~~Patricia Meier, channeling the Light of Orion

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