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2020… a New Year & a new decade. How will you proceed?

New Year’s resolutions. Did you make one? I did not. The message below was not written by me however, I do agree with it. I’m just going to keep on doing what I am doing. Life is so good and all the right things are unfolding.
Resolution alone will not make the change that we are seeking in our lives. To change habits and mindsets, to release patterns we need more than a resolution spoken over a glass of champagne. It is necessary to excavate the feelings, beliefs, habits and experiences which created the undesirable trait within us.

Soul Alignment sessions assist with letting go of the attachments, beliefs and ties to the things that need to be released. Hypnosis helps to reprogram the subconscious mind to reroute the flow of automatic responses to a new and more healthy route of responses that propel you forward not just circle back to the old unsatisfactory ways of being in life.

My belief in my ability to help clients with the tools in my kit is born out of experience. I have been in the darkness. I have lived through painful experiences in this life and I understand the work and effort it takes to crawl out of those dark spaces. This is what creates the drive in me to help as many others as I can to find the love within them. If you are drawn to start this wonderful decade of 2020 with a clear vision of your future and you need a hand from someone who’s been where you are, I’d be honoured to be that person.

I am on the mountain journey with you and the view from the plateau I have reached is lovely, calm and filled with sunshine. Here’s my hand, outstretched to you… to facilitate you in the creation of a life you don’t need grand resolve the change.

Happy New Year to you! <3

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