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I’m officially a published author…

I always knew there was a book inside of me, however I didn’t know there might be than one, until now. Bonnie Bogner of has been a motivating factor in my life for around 6 years now. She approached me in the early summer of 2019 to ask if I would like to be part of a collaboration book that she was putting together. The concept was that 6 or 7 Canadian channellers would come together to write a book called Hope for Humanity; the purpose of which is to address the concerns of the political, environmental and social crisis of the day.

Of course I jumped at the chance, having always loved to write and as I said, knowing there was a book inside of me waiting to get out onto the page. Over the summer and into the early fall, I wrote in small sessions; question and answer style until I had the allotted word count for my chapter and also until I felt my contribution was complete.

These times we live in are the most challenging because they hold the greatest reward.   Our victory in choosing a life of love will resound throughout the universe and correct, clean and balance everything in existence. 

Hope for humanity: Being Love – Patricia Meier

Our book will be available on Amazon, Apple, Kobo and Barnes & Noble in both paperback and ebook. I will have a limited number of copies available if you wish to purchase directly from me. You can message me directly here, on the Sparks of Healing FB page or email me @ to reserve your autographed copy. Didn’t I always say my autograph might be worth something someday? Cost is $19.99 CAD, 15.55 USD and e-books $7.77.

I hope this book brings you peace during this time of challenge on our Mother Earth. I hope you feel the vibration of love in the words of those who are watching over and guiding us through. We will get through this you know, all we need is enough Love and anything is possible.

In Love and Light,

Patricia Meier

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