Oh, the thinks you will think….

Oh, the places you’ll go…. Dr. Seuss

If you have wandered around my site at all you will notice that I am a bit of a bookworm. I love learning and the more out there the ideas are the better. I love finding pieces of information from sources far and wide. They are like puzzle pieces to me that fit together in the most interesting way to create pictures of things I never even dreamed could exist in the world.

I read something the other day on some social media site, I cannot recall which one, where spiritual people and scientific people were arguing. The science people took the stance that if science hadn’t proven something, it couldn’t possibly exist. This struck a chord deep inside of me. As a kid I dreamed many dreams and thought of things that didn’t exist. I knew things that I could not know and imagined things that were not yet things. There was always someone nearby eager to tell me that I was wrong, because…. science. The best response I heard within this little social media debate went something like this; scientists cannot prove something until after it exists, not the other way around. A lot of things appeared to be pure magic until science explored it to discover the how. The “what’ always comes first.

How does this tie to the Seussian title of this post, you might be asking me in your head? Well, here’s the thing I want to consider. How many times have you thought of something, told your idea, belief or dream to a well-meaning friend who told you in their well-intentioned way that you were essentially wrong? I like to call those folks my dream crushers, fun suckers and reality monitors. They have their place and at times, they will stop me and maybe you too, from doing an impulsive thing we may regret. There are other times though, where your dream may just be the thing that lights your fire, that revives the little kid’s joy in you to go on an adventure you will never ever forget!

“The job of the Wayfinder, whether an ancient oracle or a modern scientific theorist, is to reach beyond current human knowledge into the realms of the unimagined and bring back something true and useful.” –

Finding Your Way in a Wild New World, Martha Beck

If the idea you are forming or the dream you are dreaming is persistent; if the thought of pursuing it fills you with a longing that just won’t go away then perhaps this is something you SHOULD pursue. Perhaps this is the fork in the road that will take you to all those magical places the good Dr was talking about.

These books aren’t just for kids, you know!

Science doesn’t know everything yet. Your well-intentioned friends, spouse, coworkers; they don’t know everything either. If you have a dream, a goal or something you wish to pursue and it just won’t leave your mind please consider feeding that dream. Write it down somewhere and keep it warm next to your heart. Nurture it from time to time by reading a book that teaches you a little more. Take a class that teaches you things that would benefit you on that magical path. Don’t let the naysayers and the facts stop you.

I’m following my dreams now and they have led me to my soulmate, to places I never thought I could afford, on adventures I didn’t think I was brave enough to undertake. My wish for you is that you find a way to live your best life, your wonderful, magical way.

Magically manifesting my life, Patricia

Trees forming a star in Ontario

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