Hurray! Fall Reiki classes are available

Are you ready to explore Reiki?
Two classes are ready and waiting; November 24th or December 15th; Sunday 1 – 5:30 PM sign up here
Sparks of Healing – classes – has an indepth description of the content.

My goal in teaching Reiki is to place tools in the hands, literally, of my students enabling them to remove mental, physical, emotional and spiritual blocks, enabling a better life.

In addition to Reiki content, we explore the 7 chakra system which relates directly to Reiki hand positions in healing. We delve into auras, how other people’s energy impacts our own and how to take more control of that interaction. Finally we do a little bit of sciency stuff, talking about the how our brain body connection works so we can better manage anxiety and use our innate wisdom to live a more balanced life.

The spirit of intent with which I present this information is to whet the appetite of the student to better understand self and how Reiki can help them in having more control over our own lives; reducing stress and leaving room for the passionate pursuit of a rewarding life.

I am committed to supporting my students in their learning during and after classes.

In loving kindness, Patricia (Patty) Meier

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