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Gift for the teacher

Last weekend I held my second Reiki 1st Degree class for adults. There were three lovely ladies signed up; a mother and daughter pair and another lady all of whom had seen my advertisement and come to my home for a Sunday afternoon of learning.

The daughter had signed herself and her mom up early in the year and we connected several times where she indicated her excitement for the class. The third lady was a late addition, having only registered the prior week.

When I met the eager young lady at the door, she was very quiet, almost to the point of being aloof. I was a little confused but thought, she must just be shy in person. We started class and during the introductions she was super quiet. Her mom said, aren’t you going to… and she cut her off NO!

For the next hour, she was quiet with closed off body language. I brought out the hangers and paired her and her mom up. Jaret had put away the 2nd set of hangers so I went hunting for them. When I came back, the two of them were giggling and her mom had the hangers crossed right in front of her body super close. I said, hmmmm seems like you’ve done this before. Well, not with hangers she said, but I do work with my aura.

When they all sat down again, I asked her what she was doing with the hangers. I was closing my heart up, she said. I had to do that when I came into your house.

I was taken aback. EVERYONE says how wonderful our home is and how welcome and relaxed they feel there.

I asked her why? She kind of closed up her body language for a moment and then took a deep breath.

Well, there is a little girl here. She is about 5 yrs. old with pigtails. She is standing right beside you and she is REALLY excited.

Her energy is VERY strong and if I am open, she insists that I give you a message.

I smiled and said that would be my daughter, Alexandra.

Now, this lady is NOT my Facebook friend. She saw my ad and does not know me from Adam.

She proceeded to tell me that Alex is with me way more often than even I recognize. That she is excited about our wedding and will definitely be there. She said I will know that she is there as there will be signs.

Then I showed the lady my tattoo. OH!!! She says, that’s why she showed me the lady bugs. I couldn’t figure out why she was showing me bugs.

I asked her if Alex was settling down and if she would be able to freely participate in the class now? Yes, she’s sitting beside you and she’s calm now.

During the break, the other two ladies headed outside for a smoke. I felt the need to show her Alex’s beaded journey. OH! That makes total sense! Alex was telling her how proud she was of her “circle with the bees”. We assumed it meand “beads”.


I thanked her very greatly and said to her. This is awesome. Most times teachers get an apple or perhaps a Tim Horton’s card from their students. This present was WAY better!


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