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Why does tragedy strike?   Why were the lives of 15 men and one woman lost to the world in a horrific accident?   Why was the life of the other driver spared where he is forced to live through the torture of that moment over and over again for the rest of his days?

If there is a God, if there is a grand plan how could this happen, you may be asking yourself.   Why was so much potential lost?  These vibrant human beings robbed of their future and the ones they left behind robbed of their presence…

I firmly believe there is a purpose in all things that happen in this life.  At times like this I pray for understanding, I pray for wisdom and to see the higher reason for what is.  Sometimes the answers aren’t clear and the loss is too great to comprehend.

What I do know is this.  The world has seen the heart of a province and the arms of a country come together in sorrow and compassion.   The Canadian way is to gather together in the time of tragedy.   The focus is on the living, the left behind and the loss.  We don’t use our hands to point out blame but rather we reach out towards each other our hands extended to hug, to comfort and to hold one another.   We give space for each other to respond in the way each needs to.  Grief is honoured.

Companies and individuals alike reached out and gave what they could be it nourishment of the body, consolation of the mind; a place to stay or transit to get to where they needed to be most desperately.

The world has seen that tragedy can be met with a heart surge.  Efforts can be peaceful and thoughtful.  The world has reached out to offer its support of the families who lost and the survivors who have a long journey to health, peace and acceptance.

There is no hate surge.  Very few are ranting about whose at fault and those who dare are shushed.  “Think of how that driver must feel!   Don’t you think he is punishing himself enough already?”   Instead of focusing on blame, there is talk of the danger of that road and what can be done to prevent future tragedy.   The cause is investigated by seeking a solution not retribution.

The world sees a country with arms wrapped around one another, heads bowed and hearts joined.   The world takes a moment to be grateful for their lives, to take more time with their children, be more patient and to extend their thoughts, prayers and to contribute as they can to the future of those who persist.

Maybe that is the reason?   Maybe the world needed to see an act of love.  An act of support.  A joining together of hearts and heads.   The world needed a reminder of the truth of why we are here; to remember we are all one.

One heart, one voice all LOVE.



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