Hypnosis, Past Life Regression



My life is fascinating, at least it is to me. 😉 I guess if it were not somewhat interesting, you wouldn’t be reading this now, would you?

Hypnotherapy was another one of those things that kept poking at me, popping up in books, articles and through friends, enticing me to learn more. There was a hypnosis demonstration at a trade show I was vending at, I thought what the heck, might as well stay and see what this is all about.

I felt that familiar pull, the one that says, this is for you.  I checked the box to say, YES, I AM interested in learning more and possibly taking the class.

So here I am.   I’ve completed my 20 practice hours and I’m ready to say I offer Certified Consulting Hypnosis to the world.   Now, the question in my mind is this.  How do I fit this into what I already offer?   I think the answer is something that I will call HypnoSpiritualism.   Maybe that exists already?  I don’t know.

Here’s what I do know.  We are all sparks of one divine light.  We are all LOVE at our core essence.  Our building blocks as it were, it’s all of the same stuff and it’s all LOVE.   We forget this intentionally when we come here.  There are brief moments where we experience AWE in a sunset, in a kiss or the birth of a child where we remember Who We Are… and then we forget again.

My goal in hypnosis is to help you, as my client, to release the thoughts, beliefs and habits that keep you from remembering.   I want to help you relax in a state where, with guidance, you can remove those barriers to feeling peace and joy; to free you to a state of BEING LOVE so you can experience the wonder and beauty of this life on earth.

So yes, HypnoSpiritualism…. the pathway to finding that connection to your higher self, your true wisdom and the essence of you which is LOVE incarnate.

Hope to see you in the comfy chair soon…

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