Life is pushy sometimes…

It is late and I should be sleeping.  Instead, I sit here thinking about all the things that keep me from my sweet dream time.   I think about choices that I have made along the way.  I think about the people in my life who knowingly or not have propelled me into my next phase, my next incarnation.  I think that I want to be placid, at peace; perhaps even restful for a while.  This seems to be a difficult choice and it’s unclear as to whether the challenges are truly necessary or not.


My friend Linda says that I need to choose my words carefully.  She reminds me that I bring towards me what I focus on.  To acknowledge, talk about and focus on the things that I do not want brings more of that towards me.  It seems that I have been focused on disharmony and challenge lately.


Time for a new focus.   I choose to live a peaceful life.  I choose growth.  I choose to be surrounded by loving, supportive and honest people.  I choose to work in an environment of honesty, integrity and mutual trust where everyone assumes the best in each other.   I choose to live and work with passion.  I am grateful for the loving and supportive people in my life.


Next year is the Year of the Horse in Chinese Astrology.  That is my year.  I am a Fire Horse.  I live a passionate life, blazing new trails, and burning through the self-imposed corrals around me with grace and ease.


Recently this quote by Marianne Williamson keeps coming into my mind


 “There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do.”    


It’s time for me to step into my power, to shine and to break free of the binds that hold me back, be they self-imposed or placed upon me by those who I allow to steal my power.

Watch out world, this horse is breaking free…


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