Chakradance reflections – week five – Anahata the heart chakra

zen girl July 2017

This week I worked on the heart chakra or Anahata.  The element that goes with this chakra is wind which inspires the feeling of having one’s own set of wings. 

On a particularly windy day this week we ventured out for a walk with our dog.  We spied a flock of birds way up high in the sky going no where in particular. It appeared that they were in fact just playing in the breeze.  Flocking but heading no where just floating to and fro as the currents blew them in a beautiful formation.  It was a gift just to watch them be so free.

Yesterday, the day of my dance, I found a beautiful bird dead in the street.  It was a sweet, small grey brown bird with a yellow belly.  I blessed it for its life and lessons as I passed. 

There was a time when my heart would soar.  I thought I could fly with the birds.  I imagined my wings.  I imagined I could run in the front yard and take flight on wings that I could not see only trusted I possessed.  At night I would dream of the places I would go from my launchpad on the lawn.

I allowed my wings to be clipped, my lovely feathers to be plucked.  I allowed another to ground me.  Tame me.  Possess my freedom and my will.  They wanted me to carry them rather than finding their own way to flight.

I will no longer rob anyone of the beauty of the experience of flight.  I will assist them in preening their own feathers, ensure they are strong and dry.  Where necessary, I will nudge them out of the nest. 

Should the choose to roost, I will bless them and carry on along my flight path alone.  For me there is no choice, I must fly and experience life.  To stay aground would surely cause me to wither away.  Fly or die….


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