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In 2010, I met a very neat lady by the name of Colette Marie Stephan ( who is a Yuen Master/Practitioner.  I was taking a dance class at the time and had badly sprained my foot.  A friend referred me to Colette who worked on my foot.  This was the 2nd time that I had injured that same foot, the first resulting in the need to wear an air boot for an entire summer.  With the assistance of the Yuen method I was able not only to walk without the air boot, but dance for five hours in high heels only one week after the accident.  This inspired me to take three levels of the Yuen Method.  My experience was that this modality sped up the results of my Reiki energy.  I continued to have Reiki as my base but compliment it with this modality.  An interview between Colette and I can be found at this link

In 2011, I became a certified Ra-Sheeba Master, also through Colette.  This is Goddess energy that “changes your vibration, changes your soul colours and opens the way for love to flow within your being”. 

Being ever curious, I pounced upon the opportunity to study something called “The Soul Voice” method of sound healing.  I took an introductory class with my friend Tayah in December of 2012 with Karina Schelde (  I told myself that this weekend class was a “treat” for me and I wouldn’t be pursuing it further.  LOL!  The best laid plans of this woman don’t always turn out the way she envisions.  This class was amazing so I followed it up with an Advanced Sound Initiation workshop in Ontario in May of 2013.  My experience there was the most intense event in my life next to giving birth to my children.  My personal doubts and blocks were healed leaving me with a burning desire to “do something” with all my training and healing abilities.

In mid 2014, I met Bonnie Bogner ( and took her Soul Alignment Certification Classes. This training put book ends on everything I knew. It created a complete offering where I felt clients would get the right blend of knowledge, healing and tools they could take with them to help themselves.

My goal is to assist people in discovering their own innate ability to heal with the intention that my students be able to find balance within them.  

I send you Love and Light.


About Me

I was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan.   I have been interested in esoteric things my entire life.  As a young girl, I read everything the library had to offer in the way of mythology, ghosts and any number of mysteries of the universe and mind!   I have always thought that our mind must have more ability that what we use on a daily basis.  Science would say that the human brain is a powerful machine and it just seemed to me that we couldn't possibly be utilizing all that power just breathing, digesting and thinking the average thoughts; not many of us are pondering the universe the way that Einstein, Tesla and Freud did.

I began pursuing Reiki after a car accident removed my sense of smell along with my fear of death. Reiki has assisted me with building a foundation for a more grounded view of life and an ability to handle life's curve balls with grace and gratitude